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If becoming an instructor in the cosmetology industry is a dream you'd like to pursue, give Freestyle Academy For Hair in Lebanon, IN a try! You'll get to learn and gain hands-on experience in instructor training right at the hands of professionals!

Theory Hours / Practice Hours


Orientation and review of the pertinent curriculum

50 / 100

Curriculum for instructor training 1,000 hours

Introduction to teaching

60 / 0

Course outline and development

160 / 170

Lesson planning

Teaching techniques

Teaching aids

Developing, administering,

and grading examinations

School administration

30 / 20

Record keeping

Law and rules


Assisting in the clinic

and theory classrooms

0 / 150

Practice teaching in the clinic and theory classrooms

0 / 260

An all-inclusive instructor curriculum

designed to perfect your skills

Train to be an instructor with our professionals

Become a cosmetologist today!

Visit or Call Us to Learn More About Our Cosmetologist and Instructor Curricula.


We Also Have Freestyle Financing Options Available Should You Need Help.